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Tulsa World

mankillerspread (1) Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.47.36 PM Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.52.27 PM Picture_98 ROA rebaarchive_03 Picture_18 Picture_96 (1) Picture_38 Picture_8 followmockup

Before and After: Tulsa World Redesign

homebefore homen tophousepage realestatenew www.tulsaworld 404 oldcrimewatch newcrimewatch oldspecialprojects newspecialprojects jobspage jobsnew houselistmenutop homesearchresults oldheader newheader

Web Design

Untitled-1 (1) Website design for the Thrive company website. Website design for the Thrive company website. Arudo2 Picture_11 mayimpage

Magazine and Newspaper Layout and Design

Pages-from-Holiday-Special_ AcadianJuly08 page3 CafeBonjourMay08-Proof2 ContractPage page01 page12

Poster and Book Design

March_of_Dimes_Poster (2) LosDeAbajoFinal2 losdeabajoboomark_copy

Medical Illustration

20-1 8-Centers-of-the-Brain TRANSLATION-A2 6-3.1 6-8.1.External-Rotation-of-the-hip-back-view2 x-axis-back x-axis-front y-axis-back-internal z-axis-back

Case Studies:

Client: Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum

Logo-Redo BlueStationaryFinal BlueEnvelopeFinal_copy BlueCardFinal bluecardmember Picture_11 (1) bluelogo Backof Banner1 Cataloguefrontcover

Client: Lucy Gossett

Gossetfoldoutcoverback CDJewelCaseBack Gossetfoldoutsong14 GOssettDVD2 Gossett (2)

Client: Thrive Organics

spirulina (1) drinks Colostrumis Colostrumis (1) Untitled-rewrwrwererw1 Ad1 Ad-Billboard Bus_Stop Teas blacktea