Meet Michael Dambold

Michael Dambold is a Web Developer and Illustrator who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Michael graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in Graphic Design, and a minor in Modern Languages Spanish. Michael has won local and state awards for photography, poster design, product design as well as several Louisiana Publication Association awards for work he has authored in the print industry.

Michael currently works as a Web Developer for Jackson Technical, and writes for the British design website Design Juices, and has written for other design sites such as Colorburned and inernational publication Computer Arts Magazine.

He has worked with clients across the United States, and his current major projects include an interactive application supported by multiple platforms and several graphic novels.

Michael also runs DCTH (Design Community Twitter Hour) which is a world-wide community of Designers, Developers and Creatives who meet on Slack, Twitter and Facebook to network, socialize and discuss industry trends and new technologies. He also heads the DCTH Podcast with fellow developers Cecy Correa (Austin Web Developer) and Chase Swindler (Baton Rouge Web Developer).

Michael regularly writes for several online publications and has been featured in several articles. Here is a selection of some of his recent work featured both online and in print.

Michael is currently working full-time at Jackson Technical, but has opened his schedule for freelance work. Contact him today for your next print, web or illustration project!


  • "Mike is an absolutely incredible creative whose illustrations I've enjoyed for several years now. He's a very versatile designer whose talents span quite a broad spectrum of fields, from web to print, illustration to photography. He's very prolific, somehow finding the time and energy to produce work projects and personal creative projects while also being active in the social media circuit." —Eric Noguchi
    Senior Graphic Designer
    StudioN, San Francisco
  • "During the time that I've known Michael, I've always found him to be extremely courteous, approachable and friendly. Add to that, he has some amazing design skills in both the Web and Print areas. You'd be hard pressed to find a more reliable and talented person. Get Michael working on your project! You wont be sorry." —Anthony Hortin
    Owner, Maddison Designs
    Melbourne, Australia
  • "I have worked with Michael Dambold in many different capacities over the years and recommend him highly. He is a professional and talented graphics designer, illustrator, and front-end web developer. I have had the pleasure of watching him grow into a respected member of the web design community, as well as have had the honor or enjoying his brilliant creativity in comic form. Michael is the perfect addition to any creative team." —Andrew Sowards
    Owner, Sowards Design